Black River FullBackers

Keep the Pirate Pride.
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Who We Are & What We Do

The Fullbackers, established in 1993, was created to provide support and aid to the football programs at Black River High School as well as the Middle School.

The Fullbackers membership include parents, former players, alumni, parents of alumni, coaches (past and present), and other respected members of the Black River community. Our current membership is committed to help provide the best for the young men the participate in the Black River football program. Since establishment, the Fullbackers have contributed over $400,000 to the football program.

Our intention is to provide additional funding and support to the football program, which is the most expensive sports program to field. This funding helps to provide:

  1. The safest program possible.
  2. The opportunity for young athletes to participate in the program without excessive fees.
  3. The opportunity for adults in the community to work together and grow as giving adults


The Fullbackers invite you to take an active role in supporting the football programs at Black River High School and Middle School. We hope that by joining the Fullbackers you not only help with the fund raising, you also help in strengthening the pride and loyalty to the program, as well as preserve the history.

We also realize that your time is valuable. Volunteering your time isn't always easy. If joining the Fullbackers doesn't fit your schedule, show your support by attending our events instead.

If you are interested in joining, contact any fullbacker and they would be more than happy to invite you to a meeting to see what it is all about. Dues are $10 annually ($25 for the first year) and includes a Fullbackers ball cap.